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    • CommentAuthorspec-india
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2013
    "Reminder with Map" is an application developed by SPEC INDIA, an organization which holds an experience of more than 25 years in Information Technology industry. AndroidApplicationWorld is an extension of SPEC INDIA is a boutique ISO 9001:2008 software solutions company based in India. The leading software development company has been providing enterprise business solutions comprising of web development, software development and mobile application development.

    "Reminder with Map" is a very useful app for today’s super busy professionals, for whom keeping track of a busy schedule is a challenge. It helps such users put in reminders with map coordinates. The applications can store not only reminders but also provides functionality with map to choose the location where the user needs to reach. To do this the user needs to select the source and destination location with date and time. For choosing source and destination, application provides maps using which the user can easily navigate to the desired location.

    Apart from this, the application has some great add-on helpful features like find nearby location based on a specific category viz. . . . Food, restaurant, police station, ATM, air port, and hospital.

    Using this application, user can also set normal reminder without map for convenience. Another unique feature that this app provides is: "Create a Fast Trip", which shows a path from the current location of the user to desired location. The app provides a settings interface using which the user can set default options like "set default country", "set default city", which helps the user, not to provide the same country name and city name, and the application will take it by default.

    "Reminder with Map" is a perfect mobile based tool which helps a super busy professional, manage their schedules.

    AndroidApplicationWorld has always strives to provide applications which help in managing their work and day to day life, by working with cutting edge technologies.

    AndroidApplicationWorld has taken the initiative to enhance the "Reminder with Map" application. The new version of Reminder with Map is here to serve you better. Based on your requirement, the new version has following updates:
    1. Latest version of map.
    2. Provision to rotate the map as per user’s need
    3. Marker for ‘North’
    4. Enhanced UI of map
    5. More user friendly messages

    We are pleased to share the new enhanced version of Reminder with Map, please share your feedback and comments with us to improve the app and address your needs.

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    Please update to ios11.
    I what Gurbani World listen please